The Adder PSU-RED-460W is a Secondary (Dual-AC) or replacement power module for Adder RED PSU. The RED-PSU main chassis can accommodate two power modules, although operation is perfectly possible with just one module fitted. The addition of a second module provides redundancy for critical installations. Power modules are hot-pluggable (i.e. while power is applied to the other module).

Conversion from the mains AC supply to low voltage DC occurs within either one, or two switched mode 460W power modules, which slot into the rear of the RED PSU chassis.

A single power module is rated at 500,000 hours MTBF and this can easily meet the needs of sixteen ports. However, in situations where redundancy is required, a second power module can be included in the second module bay. With two power modules fitted, the normal load will be intelligently balanced between them on an equal basis; with full load transferring immediately to one should the other cease operation.

The Adder 460W redundant power supply used (RED PSU) with Hot swappable modules:

- Can be swapped/fitted into the Adder RED PSU Chassis live
- Can be fitted to the Single version PSU Chassis to upgrade it to have the redundant capability

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ADDER PSU-RED 460W Redundant Power Supply - Spare 40A

  • £330.00

  • 10 or more £280.50