Created specifically for the rigorous demands of the financial services industry, the ADDER TS4 is a Command and Control four way keyboard and mouse switch that enables users to control up to 4 different computers, such as Bloomberg, PC and Sun, each with their own display.


The ADDER TS4 is compatible with all common computers and operating systems including PC, Sun, Bloomberg and Apple.

Choice of switching method

As with all ADDER switching products, the ADDER TS4 can switch from one computer to another by using keyboard hotkey combinations, three button or wheel mouse or the button on the TS4 itself. The selected channel is shown on the 7-segment display.

Remote switching options 

There are two remote switching options, ADDER's RC1, which provides a low profile, single button switch with a 7-segment LED display or the specifically designed TS4 remote unit, which has a button and LED display per connected computer.

Compact design

To help keep desks tidy and ease the management of cables, the ADDER TS4 has been designed to fit into the cable baskets commonly found on the back of traders' desks.

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ADDER TS4 4 Port Keyboard and Mouse Switch

  • Brand: DDX Range
  • Product Code: TS4
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £295.00