The ADDERLink X2, (part of the ADDERLink X Series range), extends very high quality video, keyboard, mouse and transparent, high speed RS232 up to 300m (1000ft) over Category 5 or higher UTP cable. 

The ADDERLink X2 operates in the same way as the ADDERLink X2 Silver, but does not have de-skew.

Video performance

Industry leading resolutions of 1600x1200 are achievable at 200m (650ft) and 1280x1024 at 300m (1000ft).

Video compensation

The ADDERLink X2 applies a high level of signal compensation that allows for a greatly increased range of very smooth and fine adjustments.

Emulated DDC

Unless an extender actively supports DDC some well-known high performance video cards cannot be used at high resolutions. The ADDERLink X2 fully supports DDC.

Rack options

Both transmitter and receiver units can be used stand-alone or up to 16 units can be mounted into a 2U chassis.

Video resolutions

1600x1200 at distances up to 200m (650ft), 1280x1024 at distances up to 300m (1000ft)

Extension distance

Up to 300 metres/1000ft using CATx cable (x=5,5e,6,7)

Devices supported

Supports PS/2 style keyboard, PS/2 style mouse, flat-screen and CRT style monitors with standard HD-15 video connectors. Transparent RS232 connection.

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ADDERLink X2-KVM/P PS2 KVM & RS232 CATx Extender Pair ** WHILST STOCKS LAST **

  • Brand: X Series
  • Product Code: X2-KVM/P-IEC
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  • £345.00