CAMs allow the user to connect multiple different machine platforms to an Adder CATx switch or KVM extender.

The ADDER CATx PS2/PS2A Computer Access Module (CAM) allows connections to machines with, VGA, Audio and PS2 ports.

A computer access module is a small device used to connect the required output ports of a computer to a standard CAT5e, CAT6 or CAT7 cable. The unit sits inline and does not require any additional power to operate, instead sourcing its. The main body is constructed from a tough ABS material which houses the RJ45 connector.  From this main body, one or more connections can be made into the rear of your target computer/server.

All ADDER CAMs use Adder Keep Alive technology to ensure that the keyboard and mouse inputs to the computer remain active, even when the particular channel is not selected. This action ensures that there are no connection delays or problems as the port is selected.

CATX-PS2: Computer Access Module RJ45 Socket- PS2 and VGA
CATX-PS2A: Computer Access Module RJ45 Socket- PS2 and VGA (out)

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ADDER CATx PS2 CAM Computer Access Module CATX-PS2A RJ45 Socket - PS/2 & VGA & Audio (Out)