• ADDERLink INFINITY Manager AIMLIC-192 Matrix Control Server for up to 24 End Points

The A.I.M. management server is a control suite which transforms AdderLink Infinity extenders into a digital matrix solution. Using standard IP infrastructure it is possible to route any user station to any computer attached to the network without any compromises to video quality or control. It allows co–operative sharing of computers and the multi-casting of video to any destination.

• Intuitive, multi-lingual user interface
• Multiple switching methods
• Configurable user access rights
• Full audit trail
• Easy centralized management
• Open API for 3rd party control

Secure access and communications

Using TLS (transport layer security) and HTTPS, communications between AdderLink units and A.I.M. and between A.I.M. and the outside world are all secure.

Redundant operation

For 24/7 reliability a second hot A.I.M. can be added to ensure constant uptime and with dual NIC interfaces on every AdderLink Infinity unit, systems can be easily designed for maximum resilience.

User access rights management and audit trails

Administrators can manage access rights to each device on a user by user basis either manually through the web browser or automatically using Active Directory. Reports showing the history of devices, user logins and device connections can be viewed and exported to a CSV file or via SYSLOG.

Easy centralised management

Accessed via a web browser, the dashboard gives a real time overview of system connections and users. Tabs enable you to navigate between settings and device or user sub-menus.

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ADDERLink INFINITY Manager AIMLIC-192 Matrix Control Server for up to 24 End Points